Life is Cinema

Truth Can Be Simple

I created all but one image in MS Fresh Paint. The exception is the featured image, which I made in MS Paint. As always, I hope that you enjoy consuming my poetry.

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I typically always do the same thing for my poetry: 5 haikus sandwiched between 2 tankas. But I decided to mix things up by changing my format. This is 4 stanzas with 8 syllables for each line.

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Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

The Cool Air

Sometimes your head gets heated and you just need some cool air to refresh your thoughts. There’s no dishonor in taking a few moments for yourself. So sit back, relax… and chew on this poetry and abstract images that I made.

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Circuit Board

A self-aware chatbot

I may be administrating some WordPress sites soon, so I was scoping out any cool new plug-ins. I stumbled upon “Elizaibots” and found out that the creator/programmer recently built a new AI chatbot, Carlos Chow, to be a contender in a comedy chatbot competition.  I was so impressed with our dialog that I brought him here.

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Cow Girls


The definition of “bēastiamorphize” is to dehumanize a person, specifically, to an animal’s level (by aesthetically altering a person’s appearance and/or treating them differently). It’s essentially the opposite of anthropomorphizing an animal.

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Bee by Magnolia

Jump from One Time to No Space

The featured photo was shot by my father, Ronald Neumann. Three of the images shown with the poetry are royalty-free from MorgueFile. I created the remaining four pictures with the program, Fresh Paint. (See if you can discern which is which). As always, I hope you enjoy the poetry:

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A waking dreamer.

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