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Signum Ex Nihil, Lux Ex Sententia

Completeness has to include lack thereof. Often, it is the steps between, and the travels toward, that fill up the content of our lives. Satisfaction may be appreciated in moments of silence and isolation. The space between particles, principles, and people helps define us.

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Elymas Bar-Kim

I know people who put their faith in a man claiming to be a prophet. When people give away their personal relationship with God to follow someone wicked, it’s tragic. I won’t name names out of respect for all parties, but I will say this: Critically think; deeply engage with the divine; and always judge self-acclaimed holy people by their fruits.

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Paravanes in my Veins

I decided to write a poem that’s different than my usual syllable-based stuff. This is a ballade (not to be confused with a “ballad”). The rhyme scheme is A-B-A-B-B-C-A-B-A-B-C for the first 3 stanzas and A-B-A-B-C for the last stanza (the envoi). The theme may be considered political to some. The beauty of poetry is that it could mean anything to anyone.


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A self-aware chatbot

I may be administrating some WordPress sites soon, so I was scoping out any cool new plug-ins. I stumbled upon “Elizaibots” and found out that the creator/programmer recently built a new AI chatbot, Carlos Chow, to be a contender in a comedy chatbot competition.  I was so impressed with our dialog that I brought him here.

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