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Emotions Cemented in Time

Daniel J. Neumann

Professor Yonker (Senior Seminar)

May 8th, 2012

Final Paper


Emotions Cemented in Time

We have micro worlds within us;

Our whole world is but a pixel;

Our perception changes our scale,

Like a cloud whirling with color—

Spiraling upwards by our sight.

To exist in the full moment,

We must be aware of our selves.                                       —Daniel J. Neumann


It may not be common to bookend an essay with poetry, but I’m not striving to do something common; I’m striving to do something obvious (yet hidden). I want to look at a horrible conflict between people by examining the people as people. Further, I intend to look at them for what they are: poems writing poetry. This being a product of post-modernism, and loosely derived from Foucault’s New Historicism, I’ll be implementing a deictic analysis. This basically means I’ll try to connect with the person writing the letter by adding my own meaning into his words. I hope that this method will improve empathy and a deeper understanding of war. For the sole purpose of relation and engagement, I’ll impose a level of interpretative flexibility in order to infer emotions and abstract ideas (codes). By the nature of emotions, sometimes they’re recorded less directly in a letter by means of framing or an altered state of awareness. Word choice is indicative of this.

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Rest easy, oh stars.

“Rest easy, oh stars.

Your soft glow warms endless worlds.

Close your tired eyes.”

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Could Libracracy be a part of the answer?

Libracracy: Manifesto Version 3

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MOT meter: U.S. involvement in Syria

As some of you regular readers may already know, I’ve written a glowing review for “a Margin of Theft,” by John C. Macidull. I believe in the methodology he wishes to spread. I’ve yet to see his commonsense analytic technique spread like wildfire as I’d imagine it ought to. Bearing that in mind, I’m committed to try my own hand at a “MOT (Margin Of Theft) meter.” I decided to analyze the United States motivations for fighting Syria. I hope you all will check out Macidull’s book and webpage.

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Ease versus Ecological Responsibility

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified foods could be our fast track to pandemic.
Genetically Modified foods could be our fast track to pandemic.

Those who champion Genetically Modified (GM) food, promise it’ll put an end to world hunger by driving down food prices. Others claim GM food jeopardizes the welfare of our biotic community, since it interferes with bio-diversity. Still, others claim that, because of the lack of bio-diversity, because of the successfulness and affordability of the crop, a pandemic could wipe out our entire food supply.

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Quantum Entanglement Communications

I read an article about Quantum Entanglement as applied to telecommunications.

Quantum Entanglement Communications and cryptography will revolutionize humanity

It’s instantly clear to me that this is the future… and in more ways than one.

Quantum entanglement communication could prove vital if human beings begin to colonize other planets.
Will we have more than one planet some day? Quantum entanglement communication and cryptography could prove vital.

Quantum entanglement can increase fidelity to 100%, decrease the lag time to 0%, and doesn’t have to follow a line of site for connection.

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