Meditation to Cure Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol can take hold of you if you’re not careful.

Meditation to Cure Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism is a hard disease to fight, because it begins as a mental disposition and turns into a physiological and psychological dependence. An alcoholic wakes up and the temptation to dull awareness beckons. Going through life naturally becomes painful; sobriety becomes incarceration. Fighting the mental battle, meditation offers a solution with no side-effects.

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Science, Buddhism, and No-Self

I read an article today about the connection between Buddhism and Quantum Mechanics. I agree. Science tells us that everything changes form. Science tells us nothingness has creative qualities. Science tells us we’re all connected. I want to discuss a key component to Buddhism: no-self (or anatman). I believe science would agree with these spiritual insights.

Despite what you might think, Buddhism and Science getting along doesn’t mean it’s without empathy.

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Quantum Entanglement Communications

I read an article about Quantum Entanglement as applied to telecommunications.

Quantum Entanglement Communications and cryptography will revolutionize humanity

It’s instantly clear to me that this is the future… and in more ways than one.

Quantum entanglement communication could prove vital if human beings begin to colonize other planets.
Will we have more than one planet some day? Quantum entanglement communication and cryptography could prove vital.

Quantum entanglement can increase fidelity to 100%, decrease the lag time to 0%, and doesn’t have to follow a line of site for connection.

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Virtual Reality

Jack in.
Jack in.

I read an article in the Associated Press the other day about Virtual Reality. Ever since I was a kid, I think, I’ve always wanted to have a virtual reality device. When I was much younger, I had “Virtual Reality World Ninja Game,” and I still played the thing despite tormenting my eyes. It barely worked. Sometimes, my ninja stars would throw; sometimes not. I didn’t really care. I played anyway. I had virtual reality.


But now we don’t have to use our imaginations (our truest virtual reality, right?) to experience the next big thing in gaming.

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