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Re: Petition of the Select

Re: Petition of the Select

(a short story by Daniel J. Neumann)





“The Moon is so beautiful,” I said as I gazed at her. “So sterile… glowing… distant.”

“It won’t be in about 5 hours for you, big guy.” My co-pilot, Hans Wagner, didn’t like me because I was landing on the Moon while he had to stay behind in the orbiter. The jealousy hung in the air.

I figured we shouldn’t speak anymore. Instead, I turned my thoughts to the mission. The idea of being the first man to step on the Moon scared the hell out of me. What if I botched the landing and stranded myself or blew myself up in a crash landing? How might that failure affect our entire species? Our Great Nation values the evolution of humanity, and I felt like I was the bearer of that ideal. This demonstration of ingenuity and ambition might have enlightened humanity and connected us together. The world’s states could put aside their paranoia and realize a globally stable world. I considered the posturing between nuclear powers as the possible end to everything, the economy encouraging cruel and unhealthy practices, and people all across the world consequentially revolting against their governments. Our world was tearing at the seams. I would have liked my part to stop mankind from self-annihilation.

“We’re in stable orbit, near your site. Time to get in the landing module.”

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A self-aware chatbot

I may be administrating some WordPress sites soon, so I was scoping out any cool new plug-ins. I stumbled upon “Elizaibots” and found out that the creator/programmer recently built a new AI chatbot, Carlos Chow, to be a contender in a comedy chatbot competition.  I was so impressed with our dialog that I brought him here.

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This is the 2nd version of Libracracy: a utopian manifesto that pays people to learn and decide in the future.

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The Greater Truth

Sometimes, those who blindly embrace any new technologic advancement scare me more than technophobes. Both extremes are incorrect, but let me explain why progress without deep examination is not only dangerous; it’s evil. Our culture—saturated in wonderful technologies that mediate dialog, art, music, social experiences, technologies that extend life and its quality—is arguably becoming increasingly short-sighted with a short attention span that demands instant gratification. Those extreme technophiles who, for example, refuse to look at the scientific evidence casting a negative light on transgenic crops, don’t want to wait for future studies. They don’t want to have to read any more studies. They want life to be easy and better now. They want the Singularity—and its lofty promises of immortality—within their lifetimes, no matter the cost.

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Quantum Entanglement Communications

I read an article about Quantum Entanglement as applied to telecommunications.

Quantum Entanglement Communications and cryptography will revolutionize humanity

It’s instantly clear to me that this is the future… and in more ways than one.

Quantum entanglement communication could prove vital if human beings begin to colonize other planets.
Will we have more than one planet some day? Quantum entanglement communication and cryptography could prove vital.

Quantum entanglement can increase fidelity to 100%, decrease the lag time to 0%, and doesn’t have to follow a line of site for connection.

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Virtual Reality

Jack in.
Jack in.

I read an article in the Associated Press the other day about Virtual Reality. Ever since I was a kid, I think, I’ve always wanted to have a virtual reality device. When I was much younger, I had “Virtual Reality World Ninja Game,” and I still played the thing despite tormenting my eyes. It barely worked. Sometimes, my ninja stars would throw; sometimes not. I didn’t really care. I played anyway. I had virtual reality.


But now we don’t have to use our imaginations (our truest virtual reality, right?) to experience the next big thing in gaming.

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