Aquarius Clouds

All photography accompanying this poetry was taken by my father, Ronald Neumann.

Aquarius Clouds

AC 1

Just as there’s “nowhere,”
The temporal counterpart
Is now here, always.
All places hold this secret
And at all times: no-when, Truth.

AC 2

The mind is moving.
It’s designed to keep moving.
It invented time.

AC 3

Elevate my sight.
Heighten my inner-focus.
Lift up aromas.

AC 4

How do they paint you?
Smear those colors into black.
Choose your character.

AC 5

We’re steeped in chances—
Second, third, fourth, and so on—
To revise ourselves.

AC 6

Learn to feel at peace
Both with yourself alone and
With groups of people.

AC 7

Air carries water.
It dances in the heavens,
Then—having its fill—
Dives down to the Earth below,
Preserving life on this world.



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