Calibrating Consciousness

Besides the picture of the polluted water (courtesy of MorgueFile), I used photos from my father for these poems. The dog is my chocolate Labrador, Roxy.

Calibrating Consciousness

CC 1

With only one chance,
We’re presented human life.
How will you use it?
What stories will you create?
Whose heart strings will you attract?

cc 2

Your mind is racing,
But against who? Against what?
The past and future.

Stream Pollution

See our “resources?”
We’ve polluted the water,
Soiled the soil.

cc 3

But it’s not hopeless.
Nothingness is set in stone.
We’re divine agents.

cc 4


With God on our side—
Humanity, Harmony—
We may progress on.

cc 5

We apologize:
Indefensible! Regret!
What were we thinking?

tree branch

But guilt is sour.
Elude living in the past.
Instead, see beauty,
Recognize accomplishments,
And remember: That’s in you.

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