A dangerous combination.

Christine’s Birthday Poetry

A dangerous combination.
A dangerous combination.

Christine’s Birthday Poetry:

I love my sister.

She looks out for my welfare.

She’s my best comrade.

She took me on vacation.

She did cover art for me.

The cover for "The Great Release," created by Christine Neumann.
The cover for “The Great Release,” created by Christine Neumann.

Her generosity

Isn’t what makes me love her.

It’s her brilliant soul.

chris pix

Her light radiates.

It infiltrates the shadows.

It powers our hearts.

christine art 1

She would give her left

Ear, if that meant saving the

Earth and/or her guests.

christine art 2

She believes in God,

In whoever’s language, so

Long as God is love.

christine art 3

We appreciate

Similar concerns, such as

Chocolate Labradors.

2013-05-20 21.38.58

She’s a great artist.

She portrays her emotions.

She starts what’s finished.

She has tremendous talent.

Christine, you are my sister.



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