Entropic Kneading

I created all of these images with MS Fresh Paint. For this poetry, I meditated on the tension of the world. It felt like a spring wound up that wanted to uncoil. I try to express that in the images and words. And as always, I hope that you enjoy:

Orange Ache

Nothing is random.

All things in the cosmos are


Chance is superseded by

Free-will; surprise, agency.




The lines pull apart.

We question what we were taught.

Is life so rigid?




With different talents,

Yet sharing equal respect,

Our skills compliment.



Piercing Peer

An era begins—

Even the powerful know—

Without hierarchy.




Violence of concepts,

Not the people who make them,

Begets new knowledge.



Numbing Unknowing

Our hopes are enzymes;

Our intentions pave the way

For futures to form.



Grass in Tension


Rise from the ashes.

Mistakes make for fertile ground.

The wind carries us.

We soar above oppression.

The shackles of debt: broken.

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