The featured image is a photograph shot by my father.

I hope you enjoy this poetry:

When concepts won’t join—

When causes are uncertain—

That is confusion.

Thoughts, be as clear as water—

And yet able to change states.

Lucidus 1

Life in slow motion,

Until each frame is light-years

Apart… then it stops.

lucidus 2

Our world has three states:

Consciousness, dream, and nothing.

They work together.

Lucidus 3

Serenity is

Quietness, concentration,

And intense stillness.

lucidus 4

Realizing that you’re

Asleep while still dreaming

Still amazes me.

lucidus 5

Always cherish your

Sensitivity towards

Life’s small novelties.

Lucidus 6

We’re not exporters.

We’re importers. We import.

Import compassion and love.

We impart importance, and

We assign significance.

lucidus 7



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