Signum Ex Nihil, Lux Ex Sententia

Completeness has to include lack thereof. Often, it is the steps between, and the travels toward, that fill up the content of our lives. Satisfaction may be appreciated in moments of silence and isolation. The space between particles, principles, and people helps define us.


How can it be that

Staring out at the ocean

Or listening to

Static in-between channels

Feels more closely to nothing?


A blank face hides much.

Hollowness is suffering.

Silence fills a room.


Too many cannot see

The beauty in the hearts of

The life among us.


Such a quantity,

So shaken by the fears of

This world, recoil.


Things move through nothing.

Absence is the greatest sea.

It can make things clear.


Our minds are machines.

Our bodies are frail vessels.

But our hearts are free.


Thoughts carry on waves,

Buoyed by dedication.

Light pierces downwards,

Completely unrestrained,

Delivering deep signals.


One thought on “Signum Ex Nihil, Lux Ex Sententia”

  1. I believe the silence in between the noise can deliver messages or signals…when are minds are free of the cluter of life…sometimes the noise can be deafining-closing our minds to what could be freedom.

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