The Cosmic Ceiling

I wrote this poetry with my father’s photography in mind. The seven stanzas are as follows: a beginning Tanka, 5 Haiku, and a final Tanka. I hope these images and words inspire your day.

Cosmic 1

With infinity
In the palms of consciousness,
Seeps in possibilities,
Sleeps in interpolations.
Cosmic 2
Old patterns spring up,
Bouncing new designs off of
Mother Nature’s lab.
Cosmic 3
In the vastness, playing in
The full emptiness.
Cosmic 4
It’s such a rare joy
To be a divine sensor
And actor of change.
Cosmic 5
Decorated in
The impulse to carry on,
We’re magnificent.
Cosmic 6
A speck is a world
Is a hole is a solid
Is a whole fractal.
Cosmic 7
Sip on the hot tea
That is this moment in flux;
Savor its essence
As it radiates and fades.
Commune with your existence.

Cosmic 8

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