Lazuli Meditation

I wrote this meditative poetry while holding a lapis lazuli gemstone and looking at the following pictures taken by my father in our backyard. I hope it instills a sense of tranquility.


Lazuli Meditation


See under your skin,
The humming light hides beneath
The breath of life within you.
It connects us to all things.


It’s a living force.
It permeates everything
That’s impermanent.
The ego is a
Caricature of ourselves,
Drawing thick borders.
Our shared spirit is
An undeniable truth,
Yet it’s still concealed.
Extend out your light,
Lengthen limbs of energy
That feel this matrix.
Shake out of the mold.
Let go of the past for now.
It’ll still be there.
Nature is pretty.
Don’t forget your place in it.
We dance in this play.
Become aware of your role.
You get to change the script too.

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