MOT meter: U.S. involvement in Syria

As some of you regular readers may already know, I’ve written a glowing review for “a Margin of Theft,” by John C. Macidull. I believe in the methodology he wishes to spread. I’ve yet to see his commonsense analytic technique spread like wildfire as I’d imagine it ought to. Bearing that in mind, I’m committed to try my own hand at a “MOT (Margin Of Theft) meter.” I decided to analyze the United States motivations for fighting Syria. I hope you all will check out Macidull’s book and webpage.

MOT meter: U.S. involvement in Syria

Neumann MOT reading as of 8/28/13

(Based on the book by John C. Macidull, “a Margin of Theft”)

Fact: The United States has an economic interest in Syria, based off an oil pipeline. Fact: The Syrian president is committing horrible war crimes, including—but not limited to—using chemical weaponry banned as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Fact: The massacre of our foreign consulate and handful of guards in Benghazi is thought to be tied up with a gun running operation to Syria. Fact: War crimes have, are, and will continue to happen all over the world, yet the U.S. is quite selective about which regions to “engage” with. Fact: The United States government spends more on the military than China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy, and Brazil combined. Analysis/Conclusion: There’s a high likelihood that the U.S. government wants to get involved in Syria to secure our monetary interests: namely, oil. The budget is already out of control. We’ve already sacrificed too many Americans for these misguided, theft-centric and/or illegal wars. My MOT reading is 3.8 and into the Margin of Insanity.

Mot Meter for US Involvement with Syria

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