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The God Within

All photography is owned by the extremely talented Samuel Oddo. Be sure to check out his videography too!

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Let’s Update the Plot

Let’s Update the Plot



It’s so arrogant

For one generation to

Presume that it “has

Always been this way” and worse

Still that it shouldn’t be changed.

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Under Greener Tyranny

Under Greener Tyranny

I’m chained to these weights.
The change I crave has to wait.
I’m hopelessly poor.
So is my whole family.
And our funds are bleeding out.

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Post-College Generation Blues

I graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Professional Writing with a minor in Philosophy. That’s how I begin most of my cover letters.

I still live at home with my parents. I work freelance gigs to pay the rent. Mostly, that’s all done from my bedroom. (That’s where I’m typing now).

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