Under Greener Tyranny

Under Greener Tyranny

I’m chained to these weights.
The change I crave has to wait.
I’m hopelessly poor.
So is my whole family.
And our funds are bleeding out.

This desperation
In, context, is quite misplaced.
It isn’t so bad.

The air gets thicker
When everything costs money.
My lungs struggle, heave.

I look at the banks
And their excessive cash flow
With shameful envy.

“Nobody has it
Easy,” I whisper inside.
“Most have it harder.”

I drop myself in
The imaginary slums
Of my self-pity.

I’m dope sick from cash;
I’m withdrawing from lack of.
But my ATM:
It could be at this moment:
Attitude that’s maturing.

7 thoughts on “Under Greener Tyranny”

    1. Kathleen Krueger,

      Thank you for the kind words. I get so few commentators that aren’t spam these days. It’s good to bring some entertainment or insight to someone real. 🙂

      “At this moment,” additionally, plays on the ATM initialism.

      Some of my poetry has been a bit bluesy lately. I’m a freelancer, but I’m always looking for part-time employment and more gigs to supplement my income. Living at home with my parents at 23 sometimes shakes my ego.

      I’m inspired by your comment to write another poem as a blog post today.

      By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you earlier. I just now noticed that you commented on the the 4th of the month and it’s already the 20th. I don’t think I got an email notification. Please come back for more.

      Best luck to you.


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