Review of Oakhurst Beverage

Review of Oakhurst Beverage

It occurred to me today that I’ve been going to Oakhurst Beverage for years now and I never considered writing a review. That changes today. The staff at Oakhurst Beverage are probably the nicest and most helpful people that I regularly do business with. They remember who you are, what you’ve chosen before, and you get the impression that they legitimately want to help you select beer. And speaking of selections, they consistently have something you won’t find at the Giant or other beer distributors—whether that be an obscure craft brew or an import from Germany. They’re passionate about what they sell and have a knowledge-base rivaling the forums you could sort through on Google trying to find what you need.

There’s been times I’d come into the Oakhurst Beverage and one of the staff would stop me and ask me how my day was going. This never felt like an automatic greeting, but a real question. I’d tell them a short answer and they’d ask if they could help me find anything. Somedays I wanted to try something different. I would tell them I was looking for a stout, or this level of ABV, or this measure of drinkability, give them a general feel for the beer I was going for based on other beers I’ve tried and didn’t want this time. It almost seemed unfair to ask the vague and/or convoluted questions I asked, yet their answers were always beyond my expectations. Because of Oakhurst Beverage, I’ve expanded what I’ve been able to try in the beer world.

Beyond the great customer support and selection, the store is never too crowded. The beers are placed in a layout that makes sense and easily navigable. The create your own six-pack aisle is always novel. And perhaps most importantly to anyone reading this: Their prices are great.

I’m giving Oakhurst Beverage a five out of five stars. I always leave with a smile on my face.

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