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The definition of “bēastiamorphize” is to dehumanize a person, specifically, to an animal’s level (by aesthetically altering a person’s appearance and/or treating them differently). It’s essentially the opposite of anthropomorphizing an animal.

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Never-Ending Clay

Never-Ending Clay

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post that wasn’t poetry. I decided that today—a beautiful summer Saturday—would be a good time to switch things up. I thought about writing something concerning the effect of ISIS on our foreign policy or maybe the future possibility of virtual and/or robotic prostitution, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Continue reading Never-Ending Clay

A Fake Press Release Concerning Painless Male Catheters

I wrote a fake press release today. My sister (Christine Neumann) and I came up with an idea for a painless male catheter. We figured the ‘Galactic Cap’ condom that only attaches to the head of the penis would make for a better design than the Texas (or Condom) catheters currently in use. The next amendment we made was employing hydrophobic substances to eliminate all irritation and inflammation caused by flesh in contact with urine. Christine suggested that a cast could be molded from a patient’s penis and used to create a perfectly fitted opening—using hydrophobic materials. And for emergency situations where a cast cannot be made fast enough, I believe a hydrophobic ointment—applied underneath the condom—could temporarily minimize the adverse, painful effects due to urine exposure. This catheter concept may only apply to patients that do have the ability to urinate voluntarily, yet cannot get out of bed.


I’m not claiming to be a medical professional or an engineer (and neither is my sister). We wanted to think of something that could potentially benefit others. We don’t desire any recognition or compensation.

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Post-College Generation Blues

I graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Professional Writing with a minor in Philosophy. That’s how I begin most of my cover letters.

I still live at home with my parents. I work freelance gigs to pay the rent. Mostly, that’s all done from my bedroom. (That’s where I’m typing now).

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Andrew Pulaski Computer Repair

A reliable and affordable computer repair service.

Andrew Pulaski computer repair service will solve all your technical problems.
Andrew Pulaski computer repair service will solve all your technical problems.


For full disclosure, Andrew Pulaski is a friend of mine. I think highly of him.

That aside, I know for a fact that Mr. Pulaski is a computer wiz. He always identifies the problem and solution because he’s on the pulse of computing technologies. I’ve never presented him with a computer issue that he couldn’t fix.

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