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The Cool Air

Sometimes your head gets heated and you just need some cool air to refresh your thoughts. There’s no dishonor in taking a few moments for yourself. So sit back, relax… and chew on this poetry and abstract images that I made.

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Mirrors that light talks to and laughs

I’ll leave the interpretation up to you. That’s my favorite part of poetry: It’ll take on new life. Our ideas interact.

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This is the 2nd version of Libracracy: a utopian manifesto that pays people to learn and decide in the future.

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Science, Buddhism, and No-Self

I read an article today about the connection between Buddhism and Quantum Mechanics. I agree. Science tells us that everything changes form. Science tells us nothingness has creative qualities. Science tells us we’re all connected. I want to discuss a key component to Buddhism: no-self (or anatman). I believe science would agree with these spiritual insights.

Despite what you might think, Buddhism and Science getting along doesn’t mean it’s without empathy.

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