This is the 2nd version of Libracracy: a utopian manifesto that pays people to learn and decide in the future.

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My heart lies on strings,

Feeling all perturbations,

Those stress vibrations—

Like a spider does for prey,

But praying for relation.

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The Greater Truth

Sometimes, those who blindly embrace any new technologic advancement scare me more than technophobes. Both extremes are incorrect, but let me explain why progress without deep examination is not only dangerous; it’s evil. Our culture—saturated in wonderful technologies that mediate dialog, art, music, social experiences, technologies that extend life and its quality—is arguably becoming increasingly short-sighted with a short attention span that demands instant gratification. Those extreme technophiles who, for example, refuse to look at the scientific evidence casting a negative light on transgenic crops, don’t want to wait for future studies. They don’t want to have to read any more studies. They want life to be easy and better now. They want the Singularity—and its lofty promises of immortality—within their lifetimes, no matter the cost.

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