My heart lies on strings,

Feeling all perturbations,

Those stress vibrations—

Like a spider does for prey,

But praying for relation.


I’m letting it go.

Who wants to take this baggage?

I give it to you.

 human heart

Breathe in the goodness,

Exhale—cough out—ego gunk.

Balance your inner.


Gravity attracts

And chaos disperses parts.

Locate your center.

 Dan-Photo-Shoot-for-the-Win 047

This is our story.

Come on! Let’s get creative.

Let’s make it pleasant.

 Fountain pond

You and I are one.

We’re characters in God’s dream.

We’re wisps of white smoke.


My eyes pierce the fog.

What I see reflects in me.

Do you judge others?

Your critical lens will be

Applied to yourself in time.

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