The God Within

All photography is owned by the extremely talented Samuel Oddo. Be sure to check out his videography too!

The God Within

GW 1

Nature is lazy.
It repeats the same pattern
In creative ways.
It’s never the same design,
Yet it follows certain rules.

GW 2

Senses interpret.
Our sight changes everything.
We’re the artist too.

GW 3

God isn’t “out there;”
The divine is within us.
We produce meaning.

GW 4

This is theater.
Look at all the props we’ve made—
And the characters!

GW 5


To love is triumph.
To feel the tides of time: truth.
To condemn: failure.

GW 6

We, the forms of change.
We, the transient disguised.
We, the stream, change forms.

GW 7

There are no strangers—
Only books we haven’t read,
Hearts we haven’t reached.
We’re comrades amid a war:
Empathy versus deceit.

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