Will the North Koreans Attack?

N. Korea threats raise concern Kim backing regime into corner


Did we need to head to these?
Do we need to head to these?

North Korea has lately stepped up its rhetoric, and it has nearly sounded the war drums too. Hawaii, Washington, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas seem to be targeted.

Is that even possible?

Believe it or not, North Korea doesn’t need to arm a missile with a nuclear weapon to hit us. They could use conventional missiles. They could deliver a nuclear device manually. Further, North Korea has more than 25 submarines.

I think it’s pretty clear that an attack is possible. It’s just not likely. North Korea wouldn’t win an engagement with the United States. They could destroy some of us, but not nearly enough.

The truth is: North Korea is desperate for our help… or, at least, an absence of our punishment. They’re starving.

I think Kim Jong-Un is praying every night (to himself, maybe—Doesn’t he believe he’s a god?) that the United States gives him a reason to back down. He can’t go to his people as a military leader after all that talk and no action. There has to be some concession or conflict.

Hopefully, the United States helps these poor people. We wouldn’t have all the wars in the world if nobody was in need. That being said, I understand it sets a dangerous precedent. Are we to reward this man?

No. Of course not. But we ought not punish the people of North Korea either.

In an ideal world, we’d oust this dictator and nation build—but I think we all know what that brings.

How about this? We could lift the sanctions against the people of North Korea if Kim signs an agreement that he won’t attack us.

I know that sounds stupid, but that’s how we deal with every other country. We only have the word of Russia, China, Pakistan, etc. that they won’t attack us. I know North Korea is a slightly different case, because they worship their emperor as a god… but we have to get along somehow.

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