Freed Om

I made this poetry with the inspiration of the following photos sent to me by my father.

I hope you enjoy!

Freed Om

Freed Om 1

High above our heads—
Completion in deletion—
Artwork surrounds us.
We step in and out of it.
We heave it into our lungs.

Freed Om 2


Life clings to itself
On an oasis threatened,
Yet it shines proudly.

Freed Om 3

Nerves plucked by needles,
Adrenaline adjusting,
A struggle for peace.

Freed Om 4

Surviving, striving,
Held under opposing force,
Fighting over love.

Freed Om 5

We’ve designed this world.
Others overshadow it.
Our minds dance as one.

Freed Om 6

We’re in the middle.
We’re riding on vibrations.
The sound resonates.

Freed Om 7

Sliced into moments,
When will you notice beauty?
Don’t let memories
Always occupy your mind.
Fly out from delusion’s grasp.



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