Glossa Guru Glossing, Glowing, and Growing

Iso, please teach us.

The master of Great Equal.

Accompany us.

Give to us the same to all.

Render out complete justice.


Hésuchazó, come.

Tranquil guidance from the night.

We seek not to fight.






Eiréné, be here.

Steer us from our irate ways.

Rage, far from the well.


Elpis, please be kind.

Encourage not non-action.

Embolden resolve.


Thelo, have prudence

And direct our gaze from mere

Mirror fixation.


Pistis, our pistol,

Our handy weapon of truth.

Guard us from evil.


Agape, hold fast.

The world orbits your splendor.

It lights dark corners.

It grounds all signs, senses, and

Searches for deeper meanings.

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