Jump from One Time to No Space

The featured photo was shot by my father, Ronald Neumann. Three of the images shown with the poetry are royalty-free from MorgueFile. I created the remaining four pictures with the program, Fresh Paint. (See if you can discern which is which). As always, I hope you enjoy the poetry:




Our consciousness, it

Imposes time on objects.

Sight collapses the

Probability field or

Wave function of particles.

Interfering Waves

Ego is a suit

Or the point on the arrow

Of evolution.


God waits for us to

Engage—exist—in the now

So we may be one.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

The future is strange.

Our mode of living: brittle.

Snap!—out of SNAFU.

Brittle Luna

An open-mind locks

Our negative selves away

Until they, too, turn.

Flower Power

Symmetric forces

Interfere, then resonate,

Dancing with shadows.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

The right attitude

May allow divinity

To pour into you—

Flushing your acuities

With inexpressible truth.

Pouring In

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