Stuck No More

Stuck No More


Whispers in the wind,

Thoughts walking over themselves:

Can it really be?

Clockwork gears overturning.

Desperation pressurized.

Rays of Light in Nature

Finally, knowledge

Leaks from airtight vessels and

Rides on beams of light.

Native American Face Sculptor

We’re looking around,

Gauging the other faces.

“Do you see it too?”

making pottery

It’s like hardened mud.

If nobody touches it—

Then no pottery.


Stale like morning breath,

Decrepit under your sink,

Filthy, festering.

clear water

The premise changes.

The acceptance turns to gold.

Healing waters flow.

heavenly view

It’s time, Compassion.

People face one another.

It’s time, Love and Grace.

We’re willing to see your path,

And construct along those lines.

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