I am the light too

I am the light too

We’re equal because

There is only one spirit.

We exchange places.

It’s not just because it’s fair;

This is universal truth.



Matter is wiggling.

There is nothing, standing still.

And we have access.

Sweet Wood Pulp

Energy enters

Up through the base of the spine,

And it empowers.

 Wiggly Matter (Plasma)

Our minds may center,

Focusing on the inner.

And we can have peace.

rusty vehicle in the woods

You might feel tingling

At the tips of your fingers.

And it excites you.

prana ball dude


Awakens our Buddha-self.

And we are worthy.

  happy stone Buddha

No one possesses

Spiritual monopoly.

Listen to your heart.

Feel and see divinity

When you look in the mirror.

icelandic glaciers

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